Election and installation of the Governing Council for the next term is among the highlights of the meeting. Please refer to the Constitution Article XV on the tenure of office, nomination and election of officers, and Article XVI on the meetings of the Association.

The transaction of the general business of the Association including the tabling of the Honorary Secretary-General Report and the Honorary Treasurer-General Report will be held for every general meeting.

The General Meeting is always held in conjunction with the REAAA Conference.

The 14th General Meeting  held on 27 March 2013 in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the 14th REAAA Conference.

From left :

Dr. A.Hermanto Dardak, Dr. Kyung Soo-Yoo and Dato’ Sri Ir.Dr.Judin Abdul Karim

The 13th General Meeting held on 25 September 2009 in Incheon,Korea in conjunction with the 13th REAAA Conference.


The 12th General Meeting of REAAA was held on 23 November 2006 in Manila in conjunction with the 12th REAAA Conference. Election for officers for the 13th Governing Council was conducted.

There are 30 members in the Governing Council for the 13th Term, with 25 elected and 5 co-opted to serve as Council members. Dr. Kyong-Soo Yoo of Korea has been elected as the President for the 13th Council term.

The 12th General Meeting was held on 23 November 2006 in Manila

March 2013

September 2009

14th Gen.Meeting

13th Gen.Meeting

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Incheon, Korea

November  200612th  Gen.MeetingManila, The Philippines
May          200311th  Gen.MeetingCairns, Australia
September 200010th  Gen.MeetingTokyo, Japan
May          19989th  Gen.MeetingWellington, New Zealand
April          19958th   Gen.MeetingTaipei, Taiwan
June          19927th   Gen.MeetingSingapore, Singapore
March       19906th   Gen.MeetingKuala Lumpur,Malaysia
August      19865th    Gen.MeetingAdelaide, Australia
April          19813rd   Gen.MeetingTaipei, Taiwan
February    19792nd  Gen.MeetingManila, The Philippines
February    19761st    Gen.MeetingBangkok, Thailand

The documents are for REAAA Governing Council members

The documents/reports are for REAAA members

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