With its overarching aim of improving and perfecting Taiwan’s road transportation, the Association

regards its chief missions as the following:

◆ Research into roads infrastructure, operations and management.

◆ Research into improvements with regard to the construction and maintenance of roads.

◆ Research into roadway scenery, the art of roadway landscaping, and the impact of construction on the environment.

◆ Research into road transportation operations policy.

◆ Research into improving road transportation management and safety, and into better adoption of technology.

◆ Research into the raising and optimal use of financial resources with regard to roadway construction, operations and management.

◆ Research into the manufacture of road construction equipment and machinery.

◆ Research into the cultivation and training of personnel specializing in roadway technology and management.

◆ Introduction and dissemination of new knowledge, technologies and techniques, as well as publication of journals related to road construction, operations and management.

◆ Strengthening cooperation and ties with international road organizations.

◆ Accepting consulting work and providing services related to research, planning, design and measurement in fields related to traffic and transportation.


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